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Taculator for your school or classroom

A good calculator is the key to success for students in learning and using math. Many mathematics and statistics classes require the student to have a graphing calculator in order to practice and do homework.


With Taculator Graphing Calculator students get a powerful calculator as an app for iPhone, iPad, MacOS, and Android.

Sharp & fast graphing

Remember how your calculator was drawing the graph pixel by pixel for up to 30 seconds? Those days are over as our app instantly draws the graph for you clean and sharp.

Modern equation syntax

Enter fractions, equations or functions in the same way as you would write them on paper.

Tutorial and help section

Full Catalog of all commands with syntax, explanation, example, and possible error messages.

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Lifetime access

Get Taculator for your students today

Always in your pocket

No excuses not being able to do homework

100x faster calculation and graphing speed

No longer pay up to $150 for a calculator

Fully featured graphing calculator

Regular on the App Store $60

Now a $29.99 one-time payment for Lifetime access per student license

Contact our sales team today.

How it works

Buy and use Taculator in four easy steps.


1. Contact our sales team

Let us know how many license codes you need.



2. We will send you a license code

You can then share the codes with the students or teachers individually


3. Download the Taculator app

Students can download our app on any iOS or Android device for free.


4. Enter the code

Open our app and press the "?" button located at the bottom left corner. Click the button "Licensing" and paste the code to unlock the full version which will be always ad-free.


Done! You can now start calculating.


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Taculator Interface
Taculator Graphing Calculator Icon

Taculator Interface

Taculator Interface
Taculator Graphing Calculator Icon